Working to Reduce the Impact of

Domestic Violence

in Our Community

The Partnership

The University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing and community partner Circle Project Association Inc., have been working together to reduce the impact of domestic violence, as well as teach school-age students about wellness. Circle Project is an urban based, Aboriginal organization that provides programs and services in Regina, such as family violence programming, lifestyles counselling, a children’s centre, stabilization services, employment preparation and an infant and toddler daycare. Partnering with Circle Project gave College of Nursing Regina Campus 4th year Aboriginal student Raymond McKay the opportunity to work as a research assistant and community role model in summer 2015.

Working Together

In the summer of 2015, Raymond McKay worked at Circle Projects’ main office in Regina, supervised by Executive Director Ann Perry. The Circle Project identified two areas in which Raymond could help their organization in providing important health related research, as well as, to serve as a role model in Regina’s inner city communities.

Domestic Violence Research

Circle Project has offered family violence programming in Regina for over 20 years, but recently the organization noticed a substantial increase in the demand for this service. Raymond was asked to investigate and estimate the cost of one incident of domestic violence based on a scenario involving two adults and three children under the age of seven. Raymond explored the potential expenses of the case, including homelessness, police costs, court costs, child protection services, emergency department visits, ambulance services, lost wages, damages to property, moving expenses, social services, doctor’s appointments, etc. It was estimated the initial costs associated with one violent incident could reach over $112,000. The research that Raymond worked on during his employment at Circle Project was used to help with the preparation of the Economic Impact: The Cost of One Incident of Domestic Violence report.

Circle Project has also hosted the Hearts in the Park event in 2016 and 2017 at Regina’s Victoria Park . “We want to raise the level of awareness, in creation of a safer community for all, by inviting people to show us your heart,” said Ann Perry, Executive Director, Circle Project. The event was held in honour of loved ones who have felt the impact of violence and the Economic Impact Report was officially released during the event in 2016. Community partners for hosting the event include the University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing, SOFIA House Regina and the Regina Police Service.

School-Age Wellness Education

The second project Raymond was asked to work on in summer 2015 was to plan and organize a 3-day Circle Project Summer Wellness Camp for approximately 10 school-age students, who attend the Children’s Centre. Raymond consulted with Circle Project and together they decided the content of the wellness camp would include three main themes per day, focusing on germs, nutrition and bullying. The camp included many hands-on activities, presentations, a field trip, healthy lunches and snacks. Raymond served as a positive role model for the children and their families. The children understood Raymond was going to university to become a nurse and he was there to help them ‘be healthy’ in an innovative summer camp setting.


The funding for 4th year nursing student Raymond McKay’s work placement with Circle Project was obtained through a Student Summer Works grant that was applied for by the College of Nursing and provided by the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy.

More Information

For more information on Circle Project, please call (306) 347-7515 or email For more information on the College of Nursing partnership with Circle Project, please contact Dr. Lynn Jansen.