Educating Local Students to Become

Registered Nurses & Nurse Leaders

in Our Community

The Partnership

The University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing strongly believes that students should be able to take quality nursing education, no matter where they live. The University of Saskatchewan supports the College of Nursing’s 'Learn Where You Live' approach and understands it is important to offer nursing education in rural and remote areas of the province, where there are typically shortages of Registered Nurses and health care professionals.

By offering the complete undergraduate nursing program at Parkland College in Yorkton, students are able to remain in the community, be with their families, continue working during their studies, etc.

College of Nursing graduate programs are available for students living in the Sunrise Health Region using a variety of flexible and innovative distance learning tools, including lecture capture and video and web conferencing. Students who are given the opportunity to learn in their community will most likely stay in the community to work afterwards.

Educating Local Students to Become Registered Nurses

The first Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduates from the Yorkton site completed the program in spring 2017. For those graduates who chose to stay and work in the Yorkton area, they will enter the Sunrise Health Region as Registered Nurses after completing the national licensure exam.

Educating Local Students to Become Nurse Leaders

As of May 2017, six (one Master of Nursing and five Nurse Practitioner) students are currently taking graduate studies through the Sunrise Health Region and Parkland College. Three students in the region have completed graduate programs since April 2012.

More Information

For more information on University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing programming in Yorkton, please call (306) 337-3800 or email