Introducing the Nurse Practitioner Role in

Long Term Care

in Weyburn

The Partnership

A partnership between the University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing and Sun Country Health Region was created in 2016 to determine if a Nurse Practitioner would be a good complement to the current health care team at Tatagwa View, a long-term care facility located in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

Working Together

In order to determine if there is potential for a change to the current model of care to include a Nurse Practitioner at Tatagwa View long-term care facility in Weyburn, the University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing partnered with Sun Country Health Region on two individual projects – a Nurse Practitioner student placement and a pilot project, which examines the integration of a Nurse Practitioner into the current healthcare team.

Nurse Practitioner Student Placement

In September and October 2016, University of Saskatchewan Nurse Practitioner student Raquel Carlson completed half of her NURS 888 practicum hours at Tatagwa View. Working alongside on-site physician Dr. Philip Fong, Raquel provided primary care to all residents. Daily tasks included reviewing bloodwork, assessing patients with recent health changes, meeting with patients and their families and interacting with the staff to see how she could make their jobs easier. Raquel spent the second half of her practicum hours at the Weyburn Primary Health Care Clinic with Dr. Adanna Ejeckam.

Pilot Project

College of Nursing’s Dr. Diane Campbell is completing a research project at Tatagwa View to measure perceptions regarding the addition of a Nurse Practitioner to the current care team at the facility. Interviews with staff and residents are complete and results of the study are expected to be released late September 2017.

Ultimately, the study is looking at the potential of having Nurse Practitioners integrated into long-term care facilities to complement current models of care and promote quality care for the elderly.


Dr. and Mrs. Douglas and June Barber understand the value of nurses when it comes to wellness. They believe Nurse Practitioners play a vital role in the health of older adults in long-term care settings, especially in rural areas where physicians are hard to recruit. They donated $150,000 to the University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing to support student nurse practitioners who practice in rural settings. A portion of this gift is being used to fund this pilot project in Weyburn, SK.

More Information

For more information on the College of Nursing partnership with Tatagwa View, please contact Diane Campbell.